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Denver, CO

Megan Lenore Fox�������������������������������������������

��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� http://www.shalinor.com


������� Bachelor�s degree in Mathematics (focus in applied software/algorithm design)


Positions Held:

������ Prototype Developer, Idyllon, LLC������������������������������������������������ (3/2006 � present)

������ Primary developer on the Idyllon project prototype, Wild Vines casual game and��

����� all associated engines and technology.Notable duties included:

          Shipped Wild Vines, a physically-active puzzle game

          Completed prototype of Idyllon, a community-based collaborative MMO

          Constructed deferred-shading engine from scratch with PS3.0 and PS2.0 targets

          Constructed forward-shading fallback path for PS2.0 and PS1.1

          Constructed Maya export plugin used for all Idyllon and Wild Vines assets

          Designed and built in-engine world creation toolset and secondary viewer app

          Designed and built the game engine used for Idyllon and Wild Vines.

          Responsible for all artist/programmer feature requests, interactions et al


������ Technical Support Engineer, Rogue Wave Software,����������������� (12/2000 � 3/2002)

������ Support and development related to the SourcePro DB database library, API-specific

����� (Oracle, Oracle8, Sybase CT, etc) libraries, and Objective suite.Duties included:

          Construction of application examples to customer design

          Close interaction with customer to determine the nature of their difficulty in using the

����� SourcePro DB or Objective suite libraries.

          Construction of example code to demonstrate solution to the customer�s difficulty

          Reporting and test case construction of/for bugs found by clients or staff

          Significant team interaction and interdepartmental cooperation


Published Research: (details at http://www.shalinor.com/research.html)

-          Ambient Occlusive Crease Shading: Game Developer Magazine, March 2008

�������������������� (print magazine, article referenced on http://www.gdmag.com/archive/mar08.htm)


Shipped/Completed Titles: (details at http://www.shalinor.com/)

           Wild Vines (commercial): A physically-active puzzle game.

          Idyllon (commercial): MMO product prototype written from ground up.

          Mystic Polka Shootout: Side-scrolling arena shooter built from ground up in C#

          Elium/Kasei: A 3D action RPG, with Kasei as its stand-alone combat test demo.

Language Experience:

����� DirectX, OpenGL, C/C++, C#, x86 ASM, Flash/ActionScript3.0, SQL (under Oracle

���� 7/8.x, Sybase CT,MS-SQL, Informix, DB2 CLI, and ODBC), and various others.