(Idyllon - 2006-2007)

Official website: http://www.idyllon.com
(video of the game available there)

        Prototype development is complete, but Idyllon must remain largely under wraps, except the information that can be gleaned from the website (including some additional screenshots and video!). The research done on Ambient Occlusive Crease Shading and the related screenshots are pretty much as specific as I can get under NDA... though someday, perhaps, that will lift. All I can say is that I was responsible for any and all technology et al demonstrated in the released screen shots, that the AO crease shading was not the only technology of interest we created, and that nothing in the shots is in any way precalculated, prerendered or baked-in - and that the above scene runs fine at 20+ FPS on an 8800GTX.

        The renderer uses a deferred shading scheme which allows a number of tricks impossible in a traditional renderer. For instance, our usual night scenes often have over 200 dynamic, moving lights in frame at a time, and those scenes run fine on even a Radeon 9500 Pro. Idyllon proper uses my original eEntity engine, though much advanced from its Elium and Kasei days, and it has proven itself an excellent prototype engine (and game engine as well, as we later used it in Wild Vines). It has two deferred paths (shader models 3.0 and 2.0) and a fallback traditional forward shaded path (also 2.0) that renders with the same data as deferred. The engine could easily scale back further, except that such would necessitate moving away from deferred-only art resources, an investment of time that a prototype doesn't warrant.

        The shadows are rendered with shadow mapping and PCF, and everything else is as you would expect. The toolset for world creation is built in part and parcel to Idyllon itself, though I also constructed a viewer/resource editor for assigning properties and doing what post-export / pre-usage work couldn't be sanely translated from Maya settings.

(Work also included the creation of the Maya plugin used to export all resources and their various material properties)