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(Shineko, a Flash CS3 / ActionScript 3.0 project, 2015)

Current Project: Shineko

        My most recent project was a spot of Flash AS3.0 for fun. The game is called Shineko, and is an ancient Japanese epic about a ninja and her kitty. It has all the usual things you'd expect in a 2D game (parallax scrolling, spatial sound, etc), and it's capable of some righteous on-screen entity counts (which is important, since this game will eventually involve swarms of critters). It's also got a few features that are less common, like a WYSIWYG level editor completely integrated with Flash - it works via parsing out the contents of a MovieClip, and all you do as the level creator is paint the level and drop in placeholders of entities, couldn't be easier. I'm also the artist, so yee haw and such.
        The tutorial is mostly complete, so, just follow the tips to learn the controls. There's no actual combat yet (though there are a couple of idiot NPCs in the cave you can hit), that's what goes in next. Incidentally, there is currently no water to lead the cat to, so that point is where the tutorial as coded ends, though feel free to continue exploring and playing with the cat.

        Shineko will continue to evolve from here, of course, but progress will be slow, what with me having a real game dev job over at Netdevil and all.

You can find a WIP demo here.

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